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Twin Peaks is a show that's really special to me because David Lynch managed to make something that really resonated with me. There's the supernatural angle, the almost satirical yet earnest take on soap operas, the stupendous cast of eccentrics, a phenomenal score by Angelo Badalamenti, and it's all wrapped up tightly in this surreal package only David Lynch could make.

I couldn't decide whether to pick the main show's theme or Laura's but eventually decided on the latter because of how integral it is to some of the most defining moments of the show. It had been a few years since I had seen the show and decided to rewatch the pilot in anticipation for the return of the series. I had forgotten how well edited the show is, with each moment in complete sync to the current musical track so that there are these wonderful little building crescendos that really help sell each scene. Each episode also uses the same three or four tracks for the most part, but it's done in such a way that you don't really notice because they all fit so well with the scene. The intro in particular hit me with a sudden emotional reaction I wasn't expecting to have; just being dropped back into that beautiful, weird little world that Lynch created made me so supremely happy.

I highly recommend viewing the video with Badalamenti where he discusses how he and Lynch created Laura's theme because even the way that track comes together is done in such a way that is only typical of Lynch himself.

Twins Peaks is just a magical show. A magical show with a stupid biker named James who should have had his character ride that bike off the nearest cliff.